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Specialty and Historical Roofing

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History is worth protecting. 1st Choice Roofing Co. specializes in many aspects of roofing included in historical restoration and preservation projects — protecting buildings that are architecturally, culturally and historically important. Over the years we have partnered with homeowners, businesses and heritage preservation societies to gain a reputation as historical restoration experts.

Our team of skilled roofing tradesmen work with many kinds of materials, including clay tile, copper and other ornamental metals, slate and wood shake. In everything we do, we strive to create restorations that are as beautiful and durable as the original, maintaining aesthetics to its core design principles while adding years of life by using modern techniques and materials as needed


Tile roofs have been built for centuries and require both specialized craftsmanship and equipment to install correctly to achieve their maximum lifespan. Unlike conventional asphalt roofs, a tile roof is a significant investment into your home, which should be entrusted only to a tile roofing SPECIALIST.

A wide range of architectural and color choices contribute to the popularity of tile roofs on new construction and replacement roofs. They are also energy efficient and extremely durable in cold and high wind climates. Over its extended lifetime, there is limited maintenance required.