by Mandy McIntyre, Operations Officer


Don’t give up the roofing workman-ship ?  strengthen and stretch your mind and spine with these #wellnessWednesday yoga moves.

Did you know the spine is like a mast on a ship?

“The ropes are attached to the mast to help unload the mast so that the mast doesn’t fall over and crack. The mast can’t support its own weight without the ropes.  The same is true with the human spine. You take the human spine out and you put it on the table, and you put some axial pressure onto it, it can support about 35 pounds of pressure. We all weigh more than 35 pounds, so we all rely on certain muscles that attach onto the spine to help take that pressure off of the spine.” – Grant Cooper, MD

Below are 4 stretches our in-house yoga instructor, Mandy McIntyre has shared with our 1st Choice Roofing family today on wellness Wednesday.

wellnesswednesday mindful yoga stretches roofing industry

One of the many benefits of working at 1st Choice Roofing is weekly Yoga classes every Friday from 6:30AM-7:15AM EST by our Operations Officer, Mandy McIntyre

#WellnessWednesday stretches in less than 10 minutes!

The four yoga poses Mandy has shared below are all things people in the roofing* and construction industry can do at home  to help give their body back a little love after all that hard work in the roofing industry.  Always ask for help modifying a pose, and stop any move that is uncomfortable.

Follow this sequence in order, the goal is to strengthen, THEN stretch —> it’s important to do these in order. Try this daily (at your comfort level) for a week, not only will your body thank you, but you will feel a big difference in your posture and how you feel. Reminder: Protect your lumbar spine and low back by engaging your core when doing these moves.

Who’s ready to start #WellnessWednesday right? Read on!

4 Mindful Yoga Poses for the Construction & Roofing Industry 

1. Locust Pose

locust post wellnesswednesday

This is probably the BEST thing you can do for your lower back to build strength. Hold the pose for about 5-10 seconds – do this 3-4 times. Over time you can build up your strength to hold for a full minute. Breathe through the nose on both the inhale and the exhale during your pose.

2. Child’s Pose.

wellnesswednesday child pose

Hold for 1-2 minutes after you completed the Locust Pose to stretch the lower back. Breathe through the nose on both the inhale and the exhale during your pose. Never hold your breathe during yoga:)

3. Bridge Pose.

wellnesswednesday bridge post stretches for roofers

4. Supine Twist. (Supta Matsyendrasana)

stretches for roofers

Source: Supine Twist via

Fun Fact: The Supine Twist move improves spinal mobility, can aid digestion and is said to give a better night’s sleep.

Stretch time again! Lie on your back with your legs extended on the floor in front of you. Bring your left knee in tightly but slowly. Breathe in, on the exhale twist your torso and take your left leg to the right leg. Rest your right hand on your left knee, extend your left arm on the floor away from you with your palm up. Look toward your left hand. Stay in this position for  5 slow breaths in and out, twisting a little deeper with each exhale – or stay in the position and don’t twist, remember to start slow, yoga is NOT a competition. Inhale after the five breaths and slowly come back to the center. Then, switch sides.

How are you keeping your mind and body in shape?

We must stay mindful of how we use our body, “don’t give up the ship” when we have so many options to thrive.

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* Note: Talk to your doctor about whether it's okay to begin a yoga program if you suffer from low back pain—Yoga poses should not cause any pain, numbness or tingling, and if these sensations occur while moving into or holding a pose it is advisable to move out of the pose gently.