This is a Time of Opportunity to Strengthen Your Business

mandy mcintyre handling corona | 1st Choice Residential and Commercial Roofing

RCS Influencer Mandy McIntyre says that businesses have plenty to learn from this time of “new normal.”

The new normal.  That’s what I keep hearing.   Phrases such as “flatten the curve” and “social distancing” are, indeed, our new normal.   Working from home if possible, keeping a 6’ distance if and when you are out is the new normal.  Honoring our front-line nurses, doctors and other medical workers is the new normal. Respecting our grocery workers and truck drivers who are tirelessly working to keep us all fed is the new normal.   Washing your hands, keeping sanitizer with you at all times… this is our new normal.

As a business, there is plenty to learn from this time of “new normal.”  We can learn to be more efficient, innovative, resourceful, and flexible.  Now is the time to band together and achieve a common goal.  We don’t have a choice – we are being forced to review what we’ve neglected to do until this pandemic began… and it’s a huge wake up call.  But you know what? We will emerge from this better, stronger, and wiser than before.

At 1st Choice Roofing we are capitalizing on this time to analyze our efficiency, both in the field and office, as we adjust to our new normal.  We are finding loopholes we didn’t realize were there before. This is an opportunity to really examine your business as a whole and discover new strategies to succeed today that will carry over to tomorrow.  We are seeing our current systems and protocols evolving for the better, we are seeing what transitioned seamlessly and what needed some tweaking during this new normal.

Have you been waiting to pull the trigger on that new software?  What do you have as paper files that could be electronic?  How can you streamline communication for field, office and customers?  How can you better manage cash flow?  This is a time of opportunity for your new normal—we have to see it as that.  It is also a time of potential new labor – the trades are, in essence, recession proof and we are continuing to hire with virtual interviews.   Many Americans are out of work right now, and unfortunately many more may follow.

If there was ever a time to strengthen your business, it’s now.  Seize your opportunities, learn and grow from this temporary setback, and define your new normal to move forward.

Mandy McIntyre is  the Service Operations Manager of 1st Choice Roofing Company. See her full bio here.