Realizing a problem could have been prevented is a regrettable situation. Knowing you have to
deal with not only the issue at hand, but an upset tenant adds even more stress to an already
stressful situation. The constant phone calls, coordinating a solution, and the unexpected cost
keeps the stress ball rolling…

We’re all busy people with to-do lists and crammed schedules, and there never seems to be
enough time in the day to accomplish what we need or want. However, when you encounter a
problem which could’ve been prevented, how much additional time are you wasting? When it
comes to your roofing system, it’s often something overlooked until a “problem” arises (cue the
angry tenant and getting a repair quickly scheduled here). How vital is saving additional time
and stress worth to you?

Symptom vs. problem: unexpected roof leaks are not the actual problem, but rather a symptom
of the issue at hand. Maintenance managers often try to cure the symptom with targeted roof
repairs only to have more leaks occur with the next heavy rain or storm. The key to targeting
and effectively treating the “problem” is routine roof maintenance with documented
inspections of your entire roof system. Just as you don’t wait for your engine to stop running
before you get an oil change, it’s important to think of your roof system in the same regard.

Scheduling routine roof maintenance will save money over the life span of your roof, and also
address signs of potentially larger issues requiring more extensive work in the future.
Budgeting for larger repairs or replacements is another key component of annual or biannual
roof inspections. In doing so, building managers are able to plan for other possible building
maintenance expenditures and properly allocate the necessary funds.

Proactively having your roof system routinely inspected and maintained by a roofing
professional exposes any potential issues, and therefore saves time, money, and stress to both
you and your tenants.

Mandy McIntyre
Service & Maintenance Manager

1st Choice Roofing Company