Happy Kwanzaa!

1st Choice Roofing Values Kwanzaa’s 7 Principles and this year, Kwanzaa is celebrated from Saturday, December 26, 2020 through Friday, January 1st, 2021. Kwanzaa is a cultural holiday filled with spiritual quality and significant lessons to live by, and is comprised of 7 principles derived from African heritage, culture, and community.

Kwanzaa’s 7 principles:

1) Unity (Umoja)
2) Self-Determination (Kujichagulia)
3) Collective Work & Responsibility (Ujima)
4) Cooperative Economics (Ujamaa)
5) Purpose (Swahili: Nia)
6) Creativity (Swahili: Kuumba)
7) Faith (Swahili: Imani)

Each principle provides plenty of promise and potential that can teach, motivate, and inspire all individuals. They each model behavior and ideologies that can positively impact our personal lifestyles and professional paths.

1st Choice Roofing values these 7 principles and makes a concerted effort to incorporate them within its organization. The business was built and continues to thrive on similar beliefs in its corporate philosophy. Watch the video of our 1st Choice Roofing Family share Kwanzaa’s 7 principles.


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1st Choice Roofing’s Core Values (I. C.A.R.E.):

• Honesty and strong morals reinforce a reputation of trust and respect that fosters our growth and insures successful outcomes with every project.

Customer Service
• Accessibility, Efficiency, Value, and Transparency are essential in order to exceed customers’ expectations and establish collaborative partnerships.

• Take responsibility, identify and address challenges, and find solutions to overcome and persevere.

• Consistent performance from a dependable team showcases customer support and our company’s dedication to following through and being constantly connected.

• Expertise, technical training, and good judgment result in high productivity, cooperative relationships, and unparalleled performance in the industry.

It’s been a year to remember and – in some ways – a year to forget. At 1st Choice Roofing Co. we give thanks to all of our associates, clients, and friends and family celebrating this Holiday season. Cheers to a brighter year ahead!

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