It is with great pleasure and well-deserved recognition that Tim Hollo, 1st Choice Roofing Service Technician Foreman was selected as a winner for The 2021 – 2022 Roofing Alliance Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award in the category. Outstanding Performance/Other Noteworthy Contributions Outside the Workplace. As described on The Roofing Alliance’s website, “The 2021 Roofing Alliance MVP Awards program celebrates workers who are outstanding employees within their companies and recognizes them for their outstanding performance outside the workplace—their charitable deeds, community involvement, challenges they’ve overcome, dedication and commitment to helping others.”

tim hollo volunteering

Tim Hollo Volunteering and Giving Back To His Community

Today’s Feature Friday is a special one, it is an employee spotlight on 2021 Roofing Alliance MVP Award winner for Outstanding Performance/Other Noteworthy Contributions Outside the Workplace,1st Choice Roofing’s Service Technician Foreman, Tim Hollo.

Overcoming Adversity for a Better Future

Long before becoming a reliable co-worker and team leader in the workplace, Tim faced tremendous adversity and hardships. At one point in his life, he was unemployed, broke, and homeless. He shared his story of  treading through life’s challenges and some poor personal choices to come full circle and turn his life around. Even in his hardest moments, Tim had ambition for a better future. When he landed on his feet, he was ready to work and trained to become an expert in the construction and roofing trade. Fast forward to today, Tim has worked with 1st Choice Roofing for over five years and has grown within the company, acquired and advanced many skills, and is an instrumental asset to the team.  He has made amazing strides for himself and has enriched the 1st Choice Roofing culture helping deliver quality work and significant solutions that are in align with our customer values.

Giving Back to Community

Since day one at 1st Choice Roofing, Tim has never taken anything for granted, he has always exhibited ambition, loyalty, courtesy, and a steadfast work ethic. He has touched many people in the roofing industry and makes a difference wherever he goes.  Aside from his productivity, helping others grow, and his positive influence at work and out in the field, Tim volunteers at Grace Church in Middleburg Heights, Ohio on Saturdays to feed the homeless along with volunteering every 3rd Saturday at a Mobile Pantry by the Church off of 55th Street in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Outstanding Work // Life Performance 

The Roofing Alliance In the MVP category for Outstanding Performance/Other Noteworthy Contributions Outside the Workplace, The Roofing Alliance not only looks at a member of the industry working passionately or with a sense of loyalty toward their employers, but that the they also show compassion for others outside the workplace. Leadership, commitment, Selfless devotion, exemplary service, and always there to lend a hand are just a few of the traits looked at in an MVP for the roofing industry.

What Makes Tom an MVP?

Tim has overcome adversity and shines in his community and work. He follows the core values of 1st Choice Roofing, I.C.A.R.E., not only at work but in his personal life too. Tim cares deeply about his work and the people he shares his time with. When asked him what his favorite part of work is he said,

“1st Choice Roofing feels like family and makes coming to work everyday a pleasure. If I was offered all the money in the world I would” 

Here’s what makes Tim our MVP:

Integrity: Tim’s approach to work is influential and infectious and he feels the mutual respect by the way he’s treated, appreciated, and compensated.He is outgoing, optimistic, accessible, and personable. He talks to everybody with high spirits, positive reinforcement, and inspiring energy. He is kind, respectful, and always lends a helping hand.

Customer Service: Tim brings a perfectionist approach with a smile to ensure the job is completed with precision and high quality. Customers have revered his productivity and professionalism. He is constantly finding ways to upgrade a job or deliver premium performance for a lasting result.

Accountability: Tim works tirelessly until the job is done and if something is wrong, he’ll willingly return to the shop and spend as much time as he can to fix the situation. He is a dedicated employee who constantly studies his trade for continuous improvement. and identifies issues then resolves them whether to determine what materials to use, what techniques to apply, who to consult with, etc.
Reliability: Tim genuinely enjoys what he does and it’s evident in his attitude and approach everyday. He even comes into work on the weekends just because he loves what he does and the people he works with.

“Tim Hollo is an exemplary, dedicated, and skillful employee. More importantly, he is a friend, a humanitarian and trusted colleague one can rely on. He approaches work and life everyday with a smile and his friendly, positive demeanor is contagious in the best possible way.  You can’t help but respect, respond, and feel re-energized when working with him.  He has a pure heart, kind soul, fun and funny persona, and is one of the most generous, unselfish people I’ve ever met,” said Mandy McIntyre, Operations Officer at 1st Choice Roofing.

Educate: Tim is a colleague one can trust and an individual that everyone can learn from on a personal and professional level. He has trained several new team members in roofing, including two women in roofing who appreciate his patience, demeanor, and passion for diversity and inclusiveness.

“Tim is such a kind and genuine manager. He has trained me on work-related tactics and personal advice. He’s given me tools and tips covering many job functions such as  metal bending and cutting, installing vinyl siding, and Terracotta clay techniques. In addition, he has even given me books and inspirational guidance to help me in my personal life,” co-worker Alexandra Perry shared

Here are a few words from customers, employees and executive team at 1st Choice Roofing on the Roofing Alliance MVP winner, Tim Hollo.

Executive Team: 1st Choice Roofing President, Tom Truelson 

“Whenever we have a new employee, we get them acclimated with Tim so they understand how valuable and motivated a model employee can be. He represents the ideal example and positive influence on our company culture and day-to-day activity.  He is an incredible asset to a variety of projects and performs at a peak level with ambition and skillfulness.”

George Sirow, Cashelmara Condominium Association

“Tim has made a positive impact on our condominium property. Cashelmara is extremely unique and the unconventional design of the buildings present complex challenges. Year after year Tim has displayed superior expertise and skill while investigating problems and making repairs. We  always feel confident he can solve whatever issue is taxing us at the time.”

Estimator at 1st Choice Roofing, Alexandra Perry (previously Alexandra was on the field and Tim trained her)

“Tim Hollo was an integral piece of my enjoyment of coming in to work in the field everyday at 1st Choice Roofing. He took me under his wing without judgement or pretense, demonstrated to me what was necessary to know for the job and for life itself so that I could excel; Still overall his winning characteristic is his cheer that he shines on everyone he encounters. He has a winning attitude that is contagious and makes you want to do better not only for the company but for yourself as a tradesperson.”

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This story of resilience, compassion, dedication, kindness, leadership, and hard work is why Tim Hollo has been chosen as the 2021 Roofing Alliance MVP award winner. Not only was he the winner today at the NRCA Virtual Awards Ceremony. He is the MVP at 1st Choice Roofing showcasing integrity, excellent customer service, consistently accountable, always reliable and educates himself everyday to be a better person. Congratulations to the 2021 MVP Tim Hollo on the well-deserved recognition from the roofing industry!